Here are some examples of people who have found homeopathic treatment helpful in resolving health difficulties:

Childhood issues including recurring ear infections.

Siobhan Daffy was my son’s homeopath for about 5 years, we first met her when she was a student and we stayed with her when she qualified for a number of years, until a change in location forced us to find another homeopath.

I found her very professional, especially in the way she always returned a call or text. She gave me tools to manage on my own, like remedy guidelines to use for my son’s situations, as like a lot of kids, he was unwell in the middle of the night with ear infections.

I really felt she ‘got’ my son, with her observations and insights, which for a parent is very comforting. To this day, her insights into his ways still stand. She brought a number of them to my attention which has been very helpful.

I really loved her calmness, patience and grounded-ness. She held the same quality of space during a consultation, calm, grounded with a lovely gentle humour. Though she was treating my son, I have to say we both left feeling better, even before a remedy was prescribed. My son was always happy being brought to see Siobhan and was very much himself in her company! Her focus always impressed me, it’s quite unique, and you can see it during a consultation. It is a lovely thing to experience. Nine years later, I still use some of the tips that she gave me.

We hugely benefitted from our time with her and the only reason we are not still with her is due to a change in location.

I would be very confident in recommending Siobhan Daffy as a homeopath, especially for children.

Emer Thornbury, Dublin

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Homeopathy for Pregnancy/labour/homebirth/postpartum:

What hesitations/reservations did you have before being treated?

I had used homeopathy during my previous 2 births with limited effectiveness. Being a long-term fan of natural healing, I wanted to use as many non-invasive modalities as possible to support a hopefully natural birth and as I was planning a home birth, I was in the wonderful position of having a homeopath present alongside my husband, midwife and other support person. I was willing to see if having a homeopath giving remedies would be more effective than self-prescribing. This definitely proved to be the case!

What changes have you noticed in your life since working with Siobhan? How have you benefited from the service provided?

For me I felt that having Siobhan at my birth administering homeopathy most definitely helped thing move along at a good pace and overall, feels like a really important part of what turned out to be a wonderful, swift homebirth.

What did you like best about working with her?

I love Siobhan's discretion and presence. She stood in the wings quietly, observing and only stepped in to check in when really needed. She was measured and accurate in her observations and remedies.

Would you recommend her service to others? If so, why?

Absolutely. Having had the knowledge and experience of a homeopath during labour, I definitely would feel it is something to consider for anyone looking for non-invasive natural support during birth.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

The fact that Siobhan is a mother herself bring a lot to her work and I would highly recommend her for homeopathic support during pregnancy and post partum if it is not possible to have her present at birth. Also she works wonderfully with children!

Caroline Nolan, Psychotherapist & Herbalist, Greystones, Co. Wicklow  Herbs &