'The secret to thriving is the knowledge that we are never simply victims of our bodies. It is very reassuring to know that we have within us the ability to heal from anything and go on to live joy filled lives.' Dr. Christiane Northrup


Siobhán's Experience

in 1999 I made a trip to India and Australia. I became involved in a campaign to save the old growth forest in western Australia, it was a formative experience and opened me to new ways of thinking and living in the world. I became interested in mindfulness, meditation, environmentalism and natural wellbeing. Upon my return I trained for 4 years in Classical Homeopathy 1999-2003 BSH and registered with the Irish Society of Homeopaths ISHom. At the same time I was working in the creative arts and i've spent 20 years working with community groups, schools, people with disabilities and women's groups using percussion, sound and voice. 

I'm interested in self expression, finding our unique voice and the role of the arts in healing and wellness. I've a love of learning and I've continued to study in the field of wellness including Choice Theory Psychology with the Glasser Institute Ireland and Family Constellations work (Hellinger) which has informed and supported my practice. More recently I began a diploma in Touch for Health and kinesiology which I am currently completing. 

I'm passionate about helping women who feel their lives are dominated by their hormones, to find hormonal and emotional equilibrium so they can recover their dynamic, creative and fun selves.


'Every woman who heals herself helps heal all the women who came before her and all those that come after her.' Dr. Christiane Northrup