Horse’s Hooves is a unique CD of original poetry and music, recorded over three weekends with 7 musicians, a poet and a great variety of instruments from saxophone to classical guitar. All poetry is by Siobhán Daffy and all music was created over our time together. Recording was done in the Glenasmole valley, Dublin by Mark Ellison and his mobile studio.

Mastering was done by Stephen Gethings and production by

Artwork is by Catherine de Bruin and photography by Martin Dunne. John Henderson helped with graphic design. Heartfelt gratitude is offered to all who gave their time and enthusiasm to this project.


The Artists:

Siobhán Daffy: Poetry, vocals, ngoni African harp –

More about Siobhán on the workshops page

Kendo Dapotter: Trumpet, bass guitar

You can find Kendo here:

Victoria Gater:Hang drum, percussion, mbira Thumb Piano

Chris Hurn: Cello, mbira thumb piano

Victoria and Chris have studied traditional African instruments, including djembe, dundun, Ghanaian xylophone and Zimbabwean mbira for several years and enjoy performing in many contexts.  Chris is also a professional cellist.

Jake Quinn: Drum kit and percussion

Jake is a student at Newpark Jazz College, his recordings can be found on

Tom Quinn: Saxophone, flute, clarinet, percussion

Nicholas Twilley: Classical guitar, vocals

Nicholas approaches his guitar playing as a continuation of the presence felt within the spoken word; its poetic appearance amongst the texture of rhythmic memories is a means to "anchor" in the journey of life.