Harmonious Hormones Program

This holistic six-month program gives you tailor-made, natural health care to support, nourish and balance your hormonal health.

Say hello to more energy, less pain and discomfort and more control over your emotions! Say goodbye to having your life dominated by your hormones!

We begin with a 90-minute session, going through your intake forms, looking at your health priorities, your physical/emotional symptoms, medical history and what changes you would like to see over the six months.

We meet 10 times during the program, either online or on site. The first consultation lasts 90-minutes, subsequent sessions will be 45-60 minutes. In between the sessions you will be taking natural medicines, following nutritional and lifestyle advice and doing additional mindset and emotional wellbeing exercises.

By the end of six months you’ll have healthier hormonal balance, more zing, more insight and be equipped with natural tools and supports to manage your hormonal health more effectively.


'Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change.' 

Brené Brown


"Siobhán's focus always impressed me, it’s quite unique, and you can see it during a consultation. It is a lovely thing to experience. Nine years later, I still use some of the tips that she gave me. I found her very professional, especially in her communication and recommendations."

Emer Thornbury, Dublin


"The fact that Siobhán is a mother herself brings a lot to her work and I would highly recommend her for natural health support during pregnancy and post partum"

Caroline Nolan, Psychotherapist & Herbalist, Greystones, Co. Wicklow  Herbs & Healing.ie