What do you mean, holistic?

Women sometimes ask, what exactly do you mean by holistic care? What does it matter how I’m feeling or what stress I have? I just want my pain to go away, I want my hormones to stop tormenting me and to stop shouting at my kids. 


From a natural, whole-self point of view, health is not just an absence of symptoms - health means living your best life with physical, emotional & mental wellbeing. This doesn’t mean that stress won’t arrive at your door, as we all know, life happens! But it means you have the adaptability and resilience to deal with stress as it arises.


So when you come for holistic care – you bring your whole self - warts and all. You bring your physical symptoms, your worries and fears, your relationships, your vulnerabilities, your sadness and losses, your hopes and dreams.


In this space, every symptom has a place - big or small, common or strange. Whether or not it relates to this or that condition is not important - what matters is, it relates to you! Everything is connected because it connects in you! Each of us is a unique and complex web of interrelated feelings and sensations - no two of us are alike.


We follow the story of your unique symptoms – What? Where? When? How bad? How long? What makes it better/worse? What impact does this have on your life?


And of course, when this this begin?


It is significant to track the story and emotional journey alongside the symptoms. Often a woman will say; it began after my father died, or it began during puberty or soon after I had my first child or after I lost my job.


This is not about cause and effect – it’s more subtle and complex than that – it’s about establishing the emotional landscape where your story takes place. What emotions were at play then and what’s going on now?


Holistic care is about piecing together the whole picture – on every level physical, emotional and mental so that as you begin to regain your health, to heal - improvements occur on every level.


Physical, emotional and mental healing occurs in tandem - each compliments the other.

For example:

As you experience less painful periods, your fear or anxiety may reduce..

Or, as you become less stressed, your pain may become less frequent..

Or, as your energy levels improve so do your joie de vivre and your confidence..

Or, as your hormones regulate so does your temper..

And so on…


This is how you become more adaptable to stress. Resolving past physical and emotional pain allows you the space to effectively handle new challenges as they arrive, with clarity of mind and without becoming overwhelmed.


When you bring your whole self in the door - all of you is available to go on the healing journey, to search for health in every aspect of your life.


“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”


– WHO Constitution 1948


Thanks to Freestocks on Unsplash for the picture