The Natural Reading List: Great books full of wholesome, natural tips for raising a healthy family!


Recently I have been seeing a number of pregnant women and parents with young children for homeopathic treatment.

I find I repeatedly recommend the same books so for this blog I have put together a list you may find useful for your bookshelf or to pass on to friends.

Many of these books are available on Amazon or the Book Depository very cheaply so it’s always worth looking around.


Homeopathy for Mother and Baby – Miranda Castro

This is a real winner for the pregnancy, post-natal period and baby’s first year. It has a basic guide to homeopathy for any common problems you may encounter but also covers basic nursing and common sense answers to questions you may have. All in all a great book for the early stages, it keeps things really simple.


Homeopathic Self-Care – The quick and easy guide for the whole family – Robert Ullman & Judith Reichenberg-Ullman

Does what it says on the lid!

This is a great reference guide for common remedies you may use to treat the whole family – great as the kids get older and also if you want a handy guide for when the adults in the house come down with bugs etc.


The Complete Homeopathy Handbook – Miranda Castro

Very similar to above, I love them both. This just has a slightly a different format/layout. A great book for basic homeopathic information and a guide to prescribing first aid and common remedies for the whole family.


Homeopathic Medicine for Children and Infants – Dana Ullman

This is another great book, perhaps slightly more technical and detailed; if you enjoyed the other basic books this would be a great complimentary tool.


The Impossible Cure – Amy Lansky

This is a bestselling book by an American mother who used Homeopathy with her autistic child and found it very helpful. It provides a general introduction and history of homeopathy as well as her personal story.


Homeopathy – Beyond Flat Earth Medicine – Timothy Dooley

This is a great introduction into how homeopathy works by a wonderful man who trained initially as a doctor then moved into homeopathic practice.

It’s a very practical, short, honest, humble account of his lifetime of working with patients and explains with simple examples how people have benefitted and how homeopathy works. If you are trying out homeopathy or thinking about trying it and want to read up a bit more, this is the book for you.


Treat your Child the Natural Way – Everyday Remedies and First Aid – Amanda Cochrane

This is a super reference guide for natural ways to approach all sorts of childhood illnesses and ups and downs. It covers many natural options including homeopathy, herbal remedies and general advice. It’s a very practical guide with loads of helpful tips. Highly recommended for a household guide to natural remedies.


Aside from homeopathy, my other passion being natural, positive birthing and home birthing, my favourite author and mentor is Ina May Gaskin, whom many of you will be familiar with.


But in case you are not, here are some of her books to get stuck into:

 Ina May’s guide to childbirth - Ina May Gaskin

 Ina May’s guide to breastfeeding – Ina May Gaskin

 Spiritual Midwifery – Ina May Gaskin


Happy reading!


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