Thanks for Calling Me Pig-Face or Why I Love Meditation

‘Shut up you big, fat, ugly, pig face’

‘Thanks for calling me a pig, I love pigs’ Thump

This is what I was listening to from the back of the car yesterday while driving my delightful children to drama or football or one of their many activities. Does your soundtrack sound as great?

‘He’s kicking me’

‘She told me to shut up’,


‘Are you LISTENING to me mam?’


‘Do you even CARE?'

‘Are you LAUGHING?’



Finally I have become that jolly yet firm mother who can see the humour in all things - or maybe I’ve just caught a glimpse of how frustrated I’m getting, gearing up to blow my top, when suddenly I find my sense of humour.

Call it perspective; call it awareness, whatever it is, bring it on!

Practicing meditation has given me pause to look at myself, and my reactions with greater honesty, more compassion and less judgment. In that split second of awareness, can I catch my own behaviour and choose to change the parts that are not serving me?

What happens to ME when the kids are kicking off? It’s so easy to get wound up, to become a cauldron of irritability, ready to shout and blame and criticize. It takes practice and courage to stop and look. I don’t always like what I see. But I’m getting better at standing and taking a good honest look.


My meditation practice includes vocal mantra combined with a practice of self-awareness and self-questioning facilitated with great skill by Norah Finn at Alethea over the last three years. I am thoroughly grateful for this guidance and the gentleness with which it has been delivered.

It has allowed me to become more my natural self instead of some idealized person I thought I was supposed to be. It has allowed me the freedom to look inwards without self-indulgence or pity but with tenderness, forgiveness and a hunger for more. It has helped me to ease myself out of my comfort zone, identify my old patterns and take responsibility for creating the changes I want to see in my life.

For my homeopathy practice, every insight, every moment where I can see more clearly, benefits those who come to me looking for help with their health or their children’s wellbeing.

Every change I cultivate in myself ripples out to my children, my family and the world around me. And my sense of humour, which often feels extraordinarily challenged by trying to teach manners to a pair of rhinoceros, can find its place and laugh.

Siobhán Daffy runs Natural Rhythms Homeopathy - for adults and children, from Alethea Healing Centre where she enjoys weekly meditation and other great awareness promoting courses with Norah Finn.