Opening Up


Like the rest of the country I’m planning my on site opening up, aware of the symbolic and practical elements of this phrase. I’m researching health and safety guidelines to create a protocol for visiting clients from June 29th while reflecting on the last 12 weeks in Lockdown, the challenges and gifts. I’ve learned a lot during this time, cloistered in the Dublin mountains, connecting virtually with clients, family and schools.


I had already decided to base myself here in this beautiful natural location and so my clients have simply migrated to Zoom. It’s been a juggle, a struggle and also a joy, coordinating home school, work and family ups and downs. Busy as it’s been, this time has allowed me space to reflect on how I wish to move forward professionally. I’ve decided to focus my practice on what I already do 90% of the time: natural health care for women – supporting our natural rhythms, in particular during times of stress or change – including after childbirth, during the child rearing years, through the gateways of peri-menopause and menopause. Watch this space for more plans and details.


This time has also pushed my comfort zone in terms of working online, using video including a YouTube poetry performance, which turned out to be more enjoyable than I’d anticipated. I’ve reclaimed my local area by bicycle, something I’d given up almost completely since moving from the city to the mountains but it’s a whole different story on an electric bike, my new favourite way to get around. I’ve joined the kids in PE with Joe Wicks every day, gaining a whole new exercise routine, which has been equally fun and challenging.


And on the days when I’ve found it challenging and overwhelming, I’ve listened to supportive podcasts with Elizabeth Day, Oprah Winfrey, Elizabeth Gilbert, and Brené Brown. And when my business focus was challenged I’ve tuned in to Sarah Leather podcast and Up She Rises on Instagram for inspiring and motivating stories from local women in business. A friend sent me a 21-day abundance meditation with Deepak Chopra, which was so helpful for practicing gratitude and staying in the present moment.


So here I am, counting my blessings, looking forward with positivity and also with empathy for those who are grieving the loss of loved ones and the loss of livelihoods. I’m very sad our nearby Blessington bookshop/Café will not reopen.


I’m thankful the Green Door market remained open throughout, the traders and growers managing with grace and care to keep everything running safely - a spark of normality in my weekly shopping experience. I’m looking forward to getting out more, seeing friends and family again and supporting local businesses. I look forward to seeing more of you on site from June 29th and I’ll continue to work online for my many clients further afield or those with health concerns. Do get in touch if you have any queries or to make a new booking,


With my very best wishes,