Treating anxiety, fear and anticipation with homeopathy


Do you have a child who dreads going out the door to school?

Is your little one clinging to your leg at the school door?

Do you have a teenager who gets bogged down by tests and exams?


Homeopathic remedies support the emotions, the immune system and the nervous system to help reduce fears and anxieties for all ages.


Some common remedies for separation anxiety and exam nerves are:

Pulsatilla: A remarkable remedy where there is clingy behaviour, hanging onto mum with tears and upset.

Pulsatilla is also fantastic for earaches and childhood sickness generally especially where it is brought on by separation, and a feeling of abandonment in the child for example sickness occurring during the first days of school or after a trip away from home.


Silica: A wonderful remedy for exam nerves and stress in new situations.

Silica builds up grit and fortitude physically and emotionally. For teenagers struggling with exam nerves and brain fag, Silica is a great remedy to help de-stress, reduce anxiety and increase self-confidence.

Gelsemium: a great remedy for stage fright and fear of failure with a lot of trembling and nervousness.

These remedies are commonly available in Homeopathy first aid kits or in your local health food shop. As Homeopathy treats the whole person and looks at the bigger picture, for anything other than a mild case of exam nerves or pre-school clinginess it is advisable to consult a professional homeopath and get the best possible remedy to match your child and their particular fears and insecurities.


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Disclaimer: This information is intended as educational information only and is not to be taken as medical advice. It is your responsibility to seek medical help and diagnosis where appropriate. Health care professionals should always be consulted for any health problem or medical concern.