Give yourself the gift of your own healing

For many years, children formed a large part of my natural health practice. I saw children of all ages from babies to teens. In my experience, ninety-nine percent of the time it was the mother who brought the child and worked with me.


One thing I saw through these experiences is the lengths a mother will go, to support her child’s health and to find solutions for her child’s problems.


She will move the earth to protect, help, support and guide her children.


As time passed and my focus shifted to women’s health - here’s what I’ve noticed–

When it comes to her own health, there is a lot more hesitation.


Women wonder –

Can I commit now?

Does it work time-wise, money-wise, for everyone in the family?

Would it be better to wait? In another month this or that will have happened… it might be a better time?

But if the appointment is for their child, it cannot be soon enough!


We are so good at nurturing others

Do we need to learn more about nurturing ourselves?


Is this about self-care?

Yes, but it’s also about self- priority, self- awareness, self-respect, self-preservation.


Why are we so slow to say, I need this, I deserve this, I’ll do this now.

Particularly when it concerns our health.


I can relate because I’m one of those women. Or I was. At a certain time, things came to head for me. I had concerns about one of my children and while I was headlong on that journey - moving mountains to help my child, I realised it was myself I needed to help. And heal.


It was a massive moment for me, when I had this realisation. I let go of worrying so much about my child and I began to look more deeply at myself.


I committed to my own healing and my own wellbeing. A weight lifted. And if I’m honest, it was one of the best things I did for my family. Everyone benefitted. And what I learned from my experience was this:

To give myself the gift of my own healing -

 I learned not to hesitate, not to justify or feel guilty because I was making a choice to invest myself in my own healing, growth and wellbeing.


Does this resonate with you?


Can you give yourself the gift of your own healing?

Siobhán Daffy runs Natural Rhythms holistic health practice for women looking to take action on their hormonal and emotional health!

Image by Madison Lavern on Unsplash