Gearing up for the School Year with Natural Remedies


Homeopathy and natural medicine have a lot to offer parents in the build up to another school year. September can be a challenging time for youngsters getting back into routine; going to bed at a reasonable time and adjusting to long days of structure after the freedom and bright nights of summer holidays.

While some will bounce out the door delighted to be back with their friends in school, for other children it’s a tough call physically and/or emotionally.

Any illness at the start of the school year could possibly have some emotional component. A child may not be able to express their fear or anxiety except through the body and different symptoms may occur for different children.  Other kids will let it all out and express themselves clearly through temper tantrums, separation anxiety or general fears and worries.

Boosting general immunity at this time can be helpful to keep the body strong and a good multi vitamin and some probiotics may be helpful. Eating seasonally will pack them full of vitamin c from all the wild blackberries and elderberries - see September 8th blog on elderberry syrup.

It’s important to listen to those fears and worries that are expressed and remember how we found it hard ourselves, all that time ago!

If the usual parenting strategies are not helping, homeopathic treatment may be useful.  With homeopathy we look at the emotional and physical symptoms to find a remedy that brings ease to both.

Examples of remedies commonly used in these situations include:

Pulsatilla: commonly used for separation anxiety, coughs, runny noses and colds.

Silica: a great remedy for children who seem to pick up one thing after another and seem worried and anxious about school and exam performance.

Stramonium: commonly used where there are a lot of fears and anxieties often expressed in nightmares and/or temper tantrums.

Each child is different and has different ways of showing their emotions and concerns. Homeopathy seeks to find the remedy that best matches the individual, bringing relief to physical and emotional symptoms.

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