Autumn - season of mists and mellow soup..


It’s that time of year again; a misty day in October, the kids well back to school, the wheel of routine rolling along again. I’ve not yet unearthed the slow cooker from whichever press I shoved it into before the summer but it’s on that list. I did however achieve a large pot of soup last night, somewhere between divvying out uniforms and washing lunchboxes. Now it’s all stacked between fridge and freezer for the week ahead. I’m sure that’s earned me a few stars on the cosmic brownie points meter!


Managing to feed a family healthy food while building a homeopathy practice, running courses and trying not to ignore my creativity is one of my biggest challenges as a mum. I struggle with the daily repetition and that balance between creativity and a dull chore.


Yesterday I got the cookbooks out and looked for inspiration, flicking the pages hopefully. Just the sight of the deliciously healthy fare can be enough to fire me up or shut the book quickly depending on my mood. At the moment I’m craving greens. Not the same enthusiasm from the children of course. Quite a pair of carnivores I’m raising despite my years of vegetarianism.


Nothing like pregnancy for changing tack - going mad for a lamb kebab after 10 years of abstinence! Now we are a mixed bag of veggie dinners or sausages for breakfast, a big roast or a vegan dahl.


Once autumn hits, its soup all the way, although there’s currently an uprising in my house against soup, probably because of my unfailing enthusiasm. No matter, I make it for myself, if no one else fancies it, all the more for me.


My current favourite is one a friend made many years ago so shout out to Fiona for her delicious soup!


Sweet potato, coconut and lemongrass soup:


2 or 3 large sweet potatoes

1 squash

3 lemongrass stalks

1-2 red onions and 2 cloves garlic

vegetable stock/bouillon – enough to cover the veg

1 tin of good quality coconut milk

couple spoons coconut oil

optional if feeling fancy - fresh coriander and a squeeze of lime to serve


Melt the coconut oil then fry the onions on low heat until soft, add crushed garlic. Remove the outer leaves of lemongrass and chop the inner parts finely then add to the onion. Cook for a couple minutes then add peeled, chopped sweet potato and squash. Toss everything in oil and lemongrass mix for couple minutes then add the veg stock. Bring to the boil the simmer for 20 minutes. I add the coconut milk after the boiling stage and let it simmer with the rest. One cooked, blend it with a hand blender, add a bit more water if needed.


Delicious served with fresh coriander/squeeze of lime/sour cream or all of the above!

Siobhán Daffy runs Natural Rhythms Homeopathy practice for adults and children in Alethea Healing Centre, Parkwest Dublin 12. She is a busy mum who enjoys using natural medicine and healthy food to keep the kids well and happy. She runs regular courses for parents entitled Happy Healthy Children - Building Immunity, Confidence and Wellbeing in Children with Natural Medicine.