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Homeopathy - Health and Wellbeing for all ages


Siobhán runs a homeopathy clinic from her home in the natural beauty of the Dublin mountains. She also offers online Zoom consultations. She works with children, individuals and families looking for natural health options and support for physical, emotional and mental health.  Homeopathy is a holistic, natural medicine suitable for all ages. 

To make an appointment or for more information call 087 4179710

If you are looking for a safe, effective, natural healing system - give it a try!

Siobhán also runs 'Happy Healthy Children' courses - 'How to Build Immunity, Confidence and wellbeing in Your Children'. These courses run regularly for parents interested in learning more about natural wellness in the home. For bookings or information email Siobhan or visit Eventbrite here.


"My daughter suffered with constant throat / chest infections and would usually go through numerous courses of antibiotics to help shift them, she had 8 during winter 2014 !!!. Since she started with Siobhàn she has only needed 1 during 2015. Amazing work. Thank you so much xx"

Laverne, Dublin, Ireland


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